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Eimskip makes organizational changes
Eimskip has decided to alter the organizational chart in order to align its operations to the variable business environment, to be able to better fulfil customers’ requirements and increased focus on ship management. The Operations and the Sales and Services units will be replaced by the Ship Management and the Transportation Services units. SHIP MANAGEMENT Ásbjörn Skúlason, former Vice President of Operations, will be the Vice President of Ship Management, responsible for ...
Eimskip - Financial Calendar 2015
Fourth quarter 2014 26 February 2015 Annual General Meeting 2015 26 March 2015 First quarter 2015 21 May 2015 Second quarter 2015 27 August 2015 Third quarter 2015 19 November 2015 Fourth quarter 2015 25 February 2016 Annual General Meeting 2016 17 March 2016
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Other News and Releases

Eimskip makes changes to its sailing schedule
Eimskip has decided to combine its Green and Red Lines in the company’s sailing schedule as from the middle of February.
Eimskip and König & Cie. establish a joint venture in Hamburg, Germany
Eimskip and the company König & Cie. Holding GmbH & Co. KG in Germany have established a joint venture company named “Eimskip & KCie GmbH & Co. KG”. The new company will be specialized in ship management and trading.

Financial Calendar

Q4 2014 Results
20 Nov 2014
Q3 2014 Results
26 Feb 2015
Q4 2014 Results
26 Mar 2015
Annual General Meeting 2015
21 May 2015
Q1 2015 Results
27 Aug 2015
Q2 2015 Results
19 Nov 2015
Q3 2015 Results
25 Feb 2016
Q4 2015 Results
17 Mar 2016
Annual General Meeting 2016
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