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Press Release from Eimskipafélag Íslands hf.
Observation status of Eimskip shares In light of the decision of Nasdaq Iceland to give Eimskip‘s shares an observation status, with reference to leak of documents to the Icelandic National Brodcasting services (RÚV) relating to the investigation of the Icelandic Competition Authority, the Company would like to state the following, cf. Art. 2.4 in Nasdaq Iceland Rules for Issuers. Information leak The leak of investigation documents and the following media coverage has alre...
Press Release from Eimskip
Reference is made to the news coverage by the Icelandic National Broadcasting Services (RÚV) on 14 October 2014. The Company announced on 10 September 2013 that the Icelandic Competition Authority had commenced an investigation on the Company and requested information. Repeatedly the Company has requested information on the alleged breach of competition law and has in relation thereto twice appealed the decisions of the Icelandic Competition Authority to the Competition Appeals Comm...
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Other News and Releases

Maiden call of Eimskip’s new vessel, Lagarfoss, at Reykjavík
The 875 TEU container vessel Lagarfoss, the newest addition to the Eimskip fleet. On 24 June, the container vessel was delivered in China to her Captain, Mr. Gudmundur Haraldsson, and his crew of 11 Icelanders.
Eimskip introduces adjustments to its sailing schedule
Eimskip has adjusted its sailing schedule, with the objective of increasing its reliability and services towards customers.

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